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    President & CEO
    Claudio Valencia
    Claudio is the President and Founder of Semah Group, a family office with an investment portfolio in real estate, financial and maritime sectors, where they invest their own money and structure the projects of Haus, a mid-income residential real estate development company.

    Prior to starting Semah Group, Claudio was the Executive Director of Proyectos & Capitales, a family real estate company that manages 10 storage facilities, a marina and a single-family residential development promoter in the West Panama sector. Claudio also worked as a business consultant for Booz-Allen & Hamilton and McKinsey & Company in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Claudio holds a degree in Political Science from George Washington University, with an MBA from Columbia University.
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    Chief Financial Officer
    José García Acedo
    In his role as COO and partner of Semah Investments, José manages the group's operations and finances, participates in the evaluation of investment opportunities and oversees the daily operation of the companies.

    José has managed, grown and invested in traditional and non-traditional real estate companies for the past 15 years. Prior to this period, he directed mergers and acquisitions of companies through his participation in a M&A boutique firm based in Miami, United States.

    José has a degree in Information Technology and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School's Owners and Presidents Management Program.
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    Itza Santamaría
    As the group’s Comptroller, Itza is in charge of the accounting, reporting and internal auditing teams of the group’s companies, performing a key function in our Corporate Governance structure.

    During her 20 years of experience, she has specialized in designing and managing accounting structures in construction and real estate development companies.

    Itza has a certificate from the HBX Becoming a Better Manager program at Harvard Business School, an MBA from the Interamerican University and a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Panama. Itza is an Authorized Public Accountant.
    As overseers of the performance of our investments, the Semah staff is comprised of a talented team of accountants, financiers and administrative staff, divided in four key roles:

    • Senior Accountants: Responsible for the revision of all accounting records and the issuing of financial statements of the group companies.
    • Accounting Assistants: Responsible for the bookkeeping and accounting files of the group companies.
    • Treasury: Responsible for cash allocation, cash management and account payables.
    • Personnel and Payroll: Responsible for all human resources activities, including payroll and labor code compliance.